Week 1- Classmate Conversation: Charlie Teloma

This week I had the opportunity to have a discussion with a fellow freshman artist, Charlie Teloma. Charlie is a commuter student living in nearby Buena Park and currently an engineering major.

As we strolled through the art galleries, he shared with me his interpretation of UC Santa Barbara artist Mathew Usinowicz’ “German Whiners”.  This particular piece stood out to Charlie because of his half German descent. His explanation to me was that after the Holocaust and World War 2, after being chastised Germany made a great effort to become liberal. He supposed the submarine illustrated was one used for warfare. The rainbow background was representative of the liberal viewpoints. For the hot dog, however, Charlie didn’t have an explanation, but he did appreciate he way the red and yellow background bled onto the dog making up the ketchup and mustard. In noticing that Charlie was attracted to the German warfare and interested in history, I learned that he is very into warfare history. In connection to art, he enjoys sketching guns and military weapons in his free time. It was a pleasure discussing with Charlie.





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