Week 1- GLAMFA Artist: Anna Knecht Schwarzer

For the tenth year, CSULB has organized the Greater LA MFA Exhibition. With a total of 69 different artists, the art gallery features work of students attending local schools such as UCSB, CSUF, and Calarts.

A particular piece that struck my attention was one titled “Timepiece” by the artist Anna Knecht Schwarzer. At first glance, before reading the description I was intrigued by the piece because of many pictures of the same woman posted alongside each other, and the way in each new picture her body was increasingly marked on. It appeared to be dirt or oil to me, however, I was unsure of the meaning. I was also intrigued by the minor changes in the woman’s facial expression and the way in which her hair was positioned. 

Upon reading the description and following up on the artist, the piece’s purpose became much more clear to me. In “Timepiece” Schwarzer marks her body each hour with the amount of reported and unreported rapes that happen in the US. The fact that Schwarzer used herself in her art said to me that she felt personally affected by these statistics. In reading her artist description, I learned that Schwarzer’s goal is to separate buzz from reality,to allow viewers to form a direct relationship with her subject. She is passionate about fighting in violence and crime against women which was particularly interesting to me at the moment because of my Women’s gender, race, and sexuality class.





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