Week 2 – Classmate Conversation: Minyon Spencer

This week I had the pleasure of meeting freshman Minyon Spencer. Minyon is currently dorming at CSULB, but is from Tracey, California. A city which I had never heard of, Minyon says it is a very small town about five hours away. Through our conversations about our majors, I discovered that she has a broad range of interests. She is considering majoring in finance because numbers come easy to her, but she’s also interested in nutrition. She decided to take art 110 because it satisfied a GE requirement, but she confesses she enjoys art and finds it interesting even if she doesn’t always understand it. In addition to art, she also really enjoys dancing, specifically hip hop. I suggested that she take a dance class, as I know that there are a few offered at CSULB.

Overall, Minyon says about herself, that she is outgoing, adventurous and thus enjoys meeting new people. She also describes herself as an adrenaline junkie. Although I definitely am not one, we both agreed that sky diving was on our bucket list.

Her favorite piece was untitled by Claremont College student Evantrine. She enjoyed the vibrant, pretty colors of the piece. It was great getting to know Minyon.



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