Week 3- Classmate Conversation- Oscar Rocha

I meet Oscar Rocha as we were leaving from week 2 of class, but only got the chance to officially interview him this week. In short, Oscar is  a twenty one year old junior at CSULB majoring in sociology, but I had the pleasure of learning a bit more of his story.Originally, Oscar had intentions of majoring in criminal justice and becoming a probation officer, however, his interests shifted. He found sociology interesting because it analyzes people attempting to function in a society and explains why a person is they way that they are. He is also planning on majoring in marketing because he enjoys selling things to people. When I asked Oscar what he enjoyed to do in his free time, he replied that he honestly doesn’t have much time to spare. On the weekends he drives to LA where he works at a barbershop from about 8 in the morning to 7. Oscar also shared with me stories about his younger days, including his academic struggles in the second grade and his football career in high school. It’s great to see that Oscar is so thoroughly enjoying CSULB and has overcome his adversity. On another awesome note, he shared with me his art work which consists of graffiti. You should totally check it out: http://oscarivanrocha.wordpress.com/


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