Week 5 – Artist Interview- Melanie Willhide

art110 piccc art110exhibit

This week’s art gallery was titled “Excess and Access: The Photographic Condition Faculty Invitational Exhibition”. It featured work from different artists such as Steve Callis, Eve Luckring, and Ann Mitchell. The piece that most caught my attention was one by Melanie Willhide titled “Two Girls.” Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to speak to Melanie Willhide, but I was able to appreciate her art. I’m not sure what Willhide’s actual purpose or intended message was since there was no actual description featured in the gallery. When I looked a the image, however, it appeared to me to be hauntingly beautiful. They appear so because it features two girls who appear to be from the 1950’s, pin up style, very beautiful, but the picture is tinted an alarming red and the area between their neck and the beginning of their chest is repeated and blurred. To me it sort of brought focus to their bodies but took away from their importance in that they had been mutilated, perhaps pointing at the objectification that women undergo.


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