Week 6 – Drawing

When Glenn said that we would be drawing this week I was super excited! As charcoal and paper or pencil and paper are one of my favorite art mediums. Upon further explanation, however, I discovered this wouldn’t be traditional drawing of course. Instead we used the French Girls App! Unfortunately the French Girls App is only available on iphones or ipads, and seeing as I am an android holder, I had to borrow an ipad, therefore only giving me limited time. Surprisingly I really enjoyed this project. Due to my limited amount of time with the ipad, none of the “selfies” (of which thee were multiple) that I posted were drawn. I, however, was able to draw a few people. It was more difficult than I expected to show any type of skill using the app. It was definitely a challenge because your fingers only offer so much precision and control and the color availability was limited. Despite this, I really enjoyed the idea that I could browse random “selfies” and interpret them as I liked. Additionally I’m sure that seeing someone draw you, regardless of the quality, must feel really cool! I could see myself spending some more time on this app.

drawing art 110drawing art


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