Week 6 – Labyrinth


The gallery that I visited this week was named Labyrinth and it is a collaboration between Angel G. Franco, Isiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin. My favorite piece of this exhibit was the man that appeared to seem frozen in snow. The pieces in the room appeared to have a minimal feel, clean and sleek. For me, this added to the environment of the artwork which felt cold and powerful. The snow felt real, bitter, as this corpse laid frozen in the midst of everyone. It was definitely my favorite and I’m curious to know what kind of materials was used to make it.

The second piece pictured above of the deer model was a very popular one at this exhibit. At first it only caught my attention because it looked like an Abercombie model, only with it’s head replaced. I didn’t think much of it at first. Then I began to ponder whether the artist was attempting to make a statement about hunting, and reversing the role of man and deer.


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