Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Albert Macias


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Albert (who very likely might be a distant relative lol). We were humorously surprised to find out at the end of our conversation that we share an uncommon last name and our families are both from Guadalajara, Mexico.

I really enjoyed our conversation as we covered many topics. In short, Albert is an 18 year old commuter freshman majoring in business, with plans of attending a school such as FIDM upon graduating with hopes of opening his own clothing line one day. He has a very intriguing family background. Most of his immediate family members have at one point or another in their lives been involved with the fashion industry, roots to which he attributes his current interests to.

Apart from our last name I found that we had other similarities. For example we both had (and still have) hopes of attending a private or UC institution. CSULB was not a top choice for either of us, as both agreed that we wanted to venture out of our comfort zones and go away for college. We’re both persistent on our goals, however, and I believe that we can achieve them lol. We also found similarities in our families, specifically our conservative parents, as well as similar high school experiences. Ah and we both look forward to traveling in the future, specifically in Europe.

It was great getting know Albert, who seems like a very talented and determined young person. Check out his blog for more information: http://albrtmacias.com/


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