Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Yee Li & Maggie Freed

artpics arrrrrt

The name of the art gallery which I visited this week was titled “Introspection” by artists Yee Li and Maggie Freed. The artists had one simple statement in their gallery, “The examination of one’s own mental and emotional state.” This statement alongside a present quote of Plato’s made me think that the goal of these artists were to create abstract, colorful pieces that grabbed the viewer’s attention, but were open to interpretation. Everyone can see in the shapes a different interpretation, that perhaps is a reflection of what we are feeling inside. In the second picture, one of my favorite pieces, I immediately saw pink paper cranes flying in the sky giving off feelings of happiness and I associated with delicate pieces of origami. My interview partner, however, just a second after that image popped into my head, said it reminded him of graffiti. A connection that I hadn’t initially thought about.


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