Week 7 – Painting….Attempt – Step 2

sad attempt



sad attempt again

Drawing bubble letters and actually using a spray can are two completely different worlds. This was definitely an awesome challenge. I originally started working with a smaller piece of wood but discovered it was way too tiny. I found in my garage an old plastic billboard that we actually use as a division wall for my cats lol, and instead decided to use that. I started off by painting a white base on the billboard. I then proceeded to attempt to imitate my hand drawn bubble letters. As a beginner, I have very little control with the width of the writing that is coming out. The closer I got to the surface the thicker the writing was, but if I got too far then the spray paint lost the shape of a line.

Attempting to draw shadows on the letters to give it more depth was also challenging as I found that I couldn’t get sharp enough lines to give it the perspective I had hoped. Another problem I encountered was my spacing…I wrote too big and so my whole name didn’t fit. I decided to shorten it to “Adri…” and added the number 7 to signify week 7 of art 110. In addition the plastic billboard was a bad idea because the paint was still wet when I began to spray and so the spray paint began to dissolve.

I really admire graffiti artists and I have much respect for them. I can honestly see myself continuing to practice graffiti. I think it’s a great form of expression and requires lots of technique. I’ve also become interested in stencils using spray paint. This was a different idea of what I had in mind for “drawing” but I loved it!


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