Week 8- Artist Conversation- Kiyomi Fukui


Artist Kiyomi Fukui’s piece really spoke to me. Her piece in itself was touching, but her statement also struck a cord. She describes a “brief, yet intensely unforgettable relationship with one particular bird.” The bird was near death and she decided to stay with it until it passed.
Just a few nights ago I came home from work exhausted at almost four in the morning. My body and mind reach near delirium at is point from just how tired I am, but the dark quiet night always comforts me. As I reached my gate that late night/early morning I spotted the largest butterfly I have ever seen. It was an intense yellow and black, resting on the ground. At initial sight I completely thought it was a toy and I even tapped by it to see if it would flutter. It barely moved, but it gave signs of life, allowing me to realize this was no toy. I proceeded to spend a good amount of time staring at this beautiful creature, and although unlike Kiyomi Fukui I didn’t accompany the butterfly to it’s death, I related to such an intense moment of intimacy.
I love that Fukui’s piece touches on the duality of life and death, and the inevitable closeness of their relationship. It really brings the image of a circle to my head, as one leads to another and they both result in each other. As for the way in that she made her piece, I love that she recycles material and minimally nurtures each bird. The piece is literally alive, and shows what can come out of death.


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