Week 8 – Classmate Conversation- Diana Martinez

diana martinez art interview

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Art 110’s very own top student: Diana Martinez. Diana is such a sweet and funny gal. She too is a commuting freshman who is majoring in marketing with ambitious goals. She has dreams of basically being a super, busy badass CEO; maybe owning  something along the lines of a coffee shop or design firm. Diana and I exchanged the common freshman commuter problems, like gas money and she told me she had really wanted to move away, and attend a school such as SFSU. She is however, enjoying her time at CSULB as of now. A cool thing I learned about Diana is that she currently volunteers at an art gallery in Downey where she edits videos and such. She says it’s a really cool experience and everyone that works there is very inspirational, examples of the lives she would like to lead. Another interesting thing I learned about Diana is that a large portion of her family lives in Canada, which she has visited. Although she isn’t the biggest fan of Canada, she has big dreams of visiting Paris and Peru. It was really pleasurable getting to know Diana! To learn more about her and see what she’s up to you can visit her page: dcmartinez.com


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