Week 10 Artist Interview- Dana Fleming

dannnadana flemdannadddaan

In this exhibit by Dana Fleming titled “Snap Crackle Pop” she takes ordinary objects like pillows, lamps, cat toys and takes them out of their ordinary use. She states that her interest lies in the “idle object, its embodiment of static shape and weight that evades functionality and its potential for use.” I think that Flemings purpose was to highlight the aesthetics of each object irrelevant to it’s designated purpose. For example in the lower right picture I can appreciate the top object for its color and shape, ignoring the fact that it was originally designed as a vase. We can simply admire the object as it is being designed in it’s current position. I enjoy this perspective because I think it can be applied to anything around us. Admiring something for it’s plain aesthetic value, the beauty that it provokes, rather than admiring something for a purpose that has been explicitly taught to us.


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