Week 11 Activity – My Choice


This week I attempted something that I had wanted to try for the longest time. Stencil art! I began by making a stencil, a seemingly simple cut out of Frida Kahlo’s face. Just enough outlines to make the stencil recognizable. When you don’t have a exacto knive, however, it can be really challenging to cut out intricate pieces from a paper. I tried my best to be detailed, but in retrospect an exacto knive would have made my attempt a lot easier as well as thicker paper so that the spray paint wouldn’t bleed through the small cut outs. I proceeded to find an old t-shirt onto which I could spray paint my stencil! I hope that in my final product you can tell it it’s Frida even though the spray paint bled through and added a few extra blotches of paint that I wasn’t accounting for. This piece was very much inspired from Graffiti art week so I would like to be able to add some lettering to the stencil in the future as well.

Although there were many areas in which I could improve my hand at stencil art, I really enjoyed trying this out and I can see myself improving the art. I love t-shirts and this is an inexpensive way to make a statement or express my creativity through clothing!


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