Week 12 – Activity Feedback


  • Week 6: Drawing
    This was one of my favorite activities because it took a different approach to drawing. Using the French Girls app for the first time was a fun experience. It was actually very challenging for me to draw online but I like the idea that I could interpret someone’s “Selfie” and they could do the same to mine.
  • Week 2 Relational Aesthetics (Instagram)
    I enjoyed this activity because it incorporated an app that many of us use on a regular basis which I might have not considered as art previously. It was cool to see our class come together under a shared hashtag and to be able to see what we were all up to.
  • Week 7 Painting
    Definitely one of my favorite activities along with the choose one because I also used graffiti in my design. I loved learning about graffiti in this week because I think many people have a misconception of it. I’ve always held a high admiration for graffiti work, but to go out and do it myself only proved to me how challenging it was and increased my admiration.

Least Favorites!!

  • Week 4 Sculpture (Plaster Casting)
    Although I thought every activity had a good purpose behind it and I didn’t particularly dislike any, I would choose plaster casting as one of my least favorites. The beach is awesome but I would have like to be able to be in a studio of some sort and have experimented with clay perhaps or vase making. The sand plaster casting was not of a high quality.
  • Week 3 Arts Funding (Kickstarter)
    I think the concept behind this activity is essential for an artist. It was about learning how to put yourself, your art, or your project out there and effectively asking for the public’s cooperation. So I did enjoy it and had fun coming up with an idea, but I would have enjoyed something less technological and more hands on.
  • Week 9 Vlogging
    Again, I’m not a big fan of publicly sharing my life and putting myself out on the internet. I do understand, however, that for most people that is an essential component of the everyday life and thus this activity was useful for them. Personally I didn’t think introducing yourself in a video should’ve been a week’s worth activity and again would have preferred a more traditional activity like print making or monochromatic watercolor pieces.

Overall I think this class is pretty fun and not challenging if you put in the effort. I am personally aware, however, that it can be so easy to the point where you slack off. I would have enjoyed a more traditional form of art class but I enjoyed the modern spin.


One thought on “Week 12 – Activity Feedback

  1. thanks for the great feedback Adriana. When you say, ” I would have enjoyed a more traditional form of art class but I enjoyed the modern spin.” — do you mean “I would have enjoyed a more traditional class” – MORE?


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