Week 12 Activity – Teach One

This past week I experimented with Stencil art using graffiti! It was really fun and a great way to decorate clothing.

  • First, you should decide on an image of a design that you would like to imprint onto your shirt. If you’re making your stencil from scratch, a simple design is ideal.
  • You can create your own stencil or choose one of the many amazing stencils online. It will look something like this:
  •  frida stencil
  • Make sure that you print or create the design to the size that you want on your shirt. It can be designed on regular paper, but a thicker type of paper such as construction paper is recommended so that spray paint doesn’t bleed through it and you can reuse your stencil.
  • Next, you should have an exacto knive or a similar cutting tool such as scissors. Ideally, however an exacto knive because they allow for much more precision in cutting the design. Cut out the black sections of your design. This can be a bit confusing, but remember that cut-outs are the parts of your design that will be filled with spray paint.
  • Once your design is cut out place it onto your designated place of clothing.
  • Choose a spray paint color of your choice and spray paint the design onto the shirt. Be careful that you don’t spray outside of your stencil (unless you want to). When you are sure that you have spray pained all your cut-outs life the stencil! You’re done!
  • fridaaaa

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