Week 12 Artist Conversation -Lacy McCune and Angie Samblotte


One of my favorite galleries this week was “taking my time in the paradigm” by Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune. Through the description of their gallery, it appeared that their goal was to get the viewer to slow down and take a look around them at the “ordinary”. They wanted to highlight our most essential and basic senses of sight, smell and touch.
For me, this gallery achieved in turning the ordinary into something exquisite. The entire room was magical and mystical. A basic living room set up was turned extraordinary with a grass carpet which reminded me of a hobbit’s home. Miniature bathroom figurines were filled with glowing blue gems that reminded me of an underground treasure mine. I was fascinated by every piece of the exhibition, all of which I thought fit together well in an odd way to set the same mystical mood of the gallery. Definitely one of my favorites this semester.


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