Week 12 Classmate Conversation -Lyna Salameh


A few times this semester I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with senior students, who are on the opposite side of the school spectrum than I am. This week I met senior Lyna Salameh who actually already particpated in her graduation ceremony and is impatiently waiting for the end of this, her last semester at CSULB. Impressively, she graduated with a major in Civil Engineering and already has a job. She is currently taking a an engineering project class and the three of her last GEs. She confessed that she was very ready to graduate and she’s working hard to get through these last weeks.

It was really interesting to find out that she completed part of her primary and high school education overseas. Lyna enjoyed the American school system more, however, because it encouraged her to think critically and outside of the box rather than just memorizing information. Unlike me, Lyna has a large family consisting of 3 brothers and 2 sisters, of whom some have careers in accounting, dentistry and law.

In her free time, Lyna enjoys  watching movies (horror are her favorite), reading, and playing basketball. As a freshman I wanted too hear her reflection on her years at CSULB. When I asked if she would do anything differently, Lyna answered that she wishes that she would have spent a little lest time studying and little more time having fun! It was great getting to know Lyna. Click on the link below to learn more about her and her work: lsalameh.wordpress.com


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