Week 13 Classmate Conversation – Savannah Cheung

For the first time, I believe, this whole semester I was able to interview a fellow undeclared freshman! Savannah Cheung is currently dorming at CSULB and is thinking about majoring in graphic or interior design. She’s from San Gabriel, which she visits every weekend to see her family and to work. She currently works at Cold Stone but is looking to find a job closer to school. Savannah gained interest in interior design when she took a theater class in high school and worked on sets. Theater was something she really enjoyed in high school. She also participated in cross country and track. Savannah is the middle child of her family. She says having a little brother and a big brother have really shaped her. For example as a child she never played with dolls, but rather with video games. A pastime she still enjoys today. She says she enjoys playing games like Halo and Smash Brothers with her dorm floor mates. In her free time she also enjoys hiking, drawing, and painting. To learn more about Savannah you can visit her page: http://savannahcheung.com/



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